HARRISBURG – Washington County Rep. Tim O’Neal plans to introduce a state House resolution to change House operating rules to prohibit committee votes after 11 p.m., just as is the case for the full PA House. O’Neal said he was shocked last week when the Democrat majority held a House Appropriations Committee meeting after 11 p.m. to substantially amend legislation. What made the situation even worse was that committee members were not given the amendment until minutes before they were asked to vote. He added that “these types of shenanigans are what led to the infamous pay raise vote in 2005. We should not be voting on legislation when the majority of our constituents are asleep.” Current PA House Rules dictate that the full body shall not hold voting session past 11 p.m. unless three-fourths of the membership vote to extend session to address a pressing issue. O’Neal’s resolution would set similar stipulations for committee meetings.