YORK, PA – It’s that time of year when the grass grows fast and we have to mow often. Please make sure not to blow grass clippings onto a roadway. Grass clippings become slippery on asphalt, especially when wet and it could cause a hydroplaning effect on passing drivers. The danger is mostly to those on motorcycles and bicycles, since they are only on two wheels and balance is imperative. Even on a hot and sunny day, grass clippings blowing out from the blade cover or blower tunnel can be a serious distraction for someone on a motorcycle or bicycle. You could be cited for spreading debris onto a roadway and some municipalities have specific local ordinances against spreading clippings or debris onto a roadway. If a motorcyclist goes into a slide because of the grass clippings you just blew onto the highway, you could be held legally liable. Please make sure to be careful and not to blow grass clippings onto roadways and clean up any that you may have accidentally spread.