HARRISBURG – Newborns in PA would be better protected under legislation that has been signed into law by the governor. Act 133 of 2020 would expand the list of disorders that newborns are tested. Currently, the Department of Health administers PA’s Newborn Screening Program and maintains a short list of mandatory screenings and a longer list of optional ones whereby some hospitals choose to screen for all disorders while others do not. Dauphin County Sen. John DiSanto said he offered the measure after hearing from a constituent from Hershey. Lesa Brackbill experienced firsthand how the health of newborns is dependent on which hospital at which a baby is born after losing her young daughter, Tori, in 2016 before the age of two after a battle with Krabbe—a treatable disease when diagnosed at birth. The new law will require health providers screen every child equally for every disorder recommended. It will also save the lives of babies yet to be born in PA and help to ensure that fewer families will need to endure the loss of a child.