YORK (AP) – The PA Supreme Court has ordered a new trial for a York County man accused of killing his wife and then faking an all-terrain vehicle accident to cover up the slaying almost a decade ago. The state’s highest court ruled 5-2 that 48-year-old Joseph Fitzpatrick III might not have been convicted of first-degree murder without evidence that should not have been admissible. Defense Attorney Chris Ferro said “We are one step closer to righting a terrible wrong.” The York County District Attorney’s office said prosecutors were analyzing the high court’s opinion and looked forward to retrying the defendant. Fitzpatrick was accused of having drowned his 43-year-old wife, Annemarie, in a Chanceford Township creek in June 2012 and then told police they crashed their ATV in the water. Authorities alleged that he wanted out of his marriage, was involved with another woman, and had a $1.7 million life insurance policy on his wife.