EAST GOSHEN TWP., PA – Scammers have hit an all-time low, targeting the bereaved. A group of “deadbeat” scammers targeting Central Pennsylvania have recently been found researching obituaries, likely online, and contacting the listed surviving relatives claiming to be calling from the funeral home their family has legitimately selected. The scammers then misrepresent themselves telling the family members while they were recently making their funeral arrangements, the family neglected to pay for an additional required service or insurance. The scammers then ask for a credit card number over the phone to finalize the arrangements to steal from the family members. In a few cases, the scammers have “spoofed” their caller id to fictitiously display the number of the actual local funeral home they have selected. Police remind callers to never give out their credit card numbers over the phone to anyone. Should you be victimized in this scenario, please contact your local police and your selected funeral home.