HARRISBURG – PA will make a significant advancement in its fight against the opioid crisis when the Overdose Mapping Act became law with Gov. Wolf’s signature. Bill sponsor, Sen. Doug Mastriano of Adams, Cumberland, and York Counties said, “This law will give emergency responders the foresight they need to act quickly and prevent more deaths.” Act 158 of 2022 requires first responders – including law enforcement and emergency medical services – to report overdoses into an electronic statewide system that will be developed and maintained in consultation with the Department of Health. Standardizing use of a statewide system will help local officials identify emerging trends, mobilize an emergency response, and alert law enforcement and EMS to the existence of fentanyl-laced drugs in a particular region. In 2021 alone, the CDC said more than 100,000 people died nationwide from fentanyl and opioid overdoses, a 15% increase over the year before. The Keystone State ranks third nationwide for overdose fatalities.