HARRISBURG – Some politicians are going to extremes to promote abortion in PA by releasing a pledge to protect and expand abortion. The “pledge” calls for unrestricted abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, along with the removal of current pro-life laws, and attacking the good work of pregnancy centers throughout the state. PA Family Institute President Michael Geer says “PA voters are now realizing just how extreme many Democrat politicians are in pushing abortion — even at the expense of women’s health.” The pledge includes: codifying abortion through all nine months of pregnancy; making abortion free at the expense of taxpayers and ending the Hyde Amendment; and removing current pro-life protections like the 24-hour waiting period and parental consent. The pledge also calls for funding abortion clinics with tax dollars, while denigrating and denying support for any pregnancy centers providing alternatives to abortion; mandates sex education in all PA school districts that includes explicit sexual material beginning in the youngest grades; adding over 150 abortion clinics in PA, one in every municipality where there is a pregnancy resource center; and removes the ban on “abortions by mail” which would permit abortion clinics to forgo in person consultation and put women, especially those with ectopic pregnancies, at increased risk.