ELIZABETHTOWN – A new conservative, Christian women’s movement will stage an event in Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, as a part of a multi-state Heal Our Land bus tour. Women Fighting For America or WFFA aims to defend America’s Constitutional freedoms and traditional values as it “fights for the heart and soul of America.” The group’s tour has already completed multiple stops in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas, with rallies recently in Gettysburg and at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. WFFA founder and CEO Christie Hutcherson, a mother-of-two and small business owner, says we’re committed to saving the America we love and meeting with the women of America face-to-face in cities across the nation. The group’s Lancaster County rally will take place this evening at 7 at Stone Gables Estate (Star Barn) at 1 Hollinger Lane in Elizabethtown. You can find out more about the group by clicking on the banner below.