HARRISBURG – The PA House unanimously approved legislation that would give freedom to municipalities from an onerous PennDOT regulation. House Bill 765 would allow municipalities to hold parades, festivals, and races when using a PennDOT maintained road. PennDOT instituted a regulation in 2006 to require that it be indemnified – secured against legal liability – against the actions of those using state roadways – and also that it be indemnified by the municipality where the event is held. Bill sponsor, Lancaster County Rep. Brett Miller said the requirement hurts communities which benefit from such events. Municipalities, on the advice of their solicitors and insurance providers, are generally not approving these events so as not to assume the risk to taxpayers that PennDOT is imposing. House Bill 765 would prevent PennDOT from imposing the regulation. The bill now moves to the state Senate.