LANCASTER – A Mount Joy man pleaded guilty to charges of ethnic intimidation, arson and scattering rubbish for an incident occurring in February 2021. Jeremy Michael Anderson, 19, was sentenced to 2-5 years in state prison on January 5 for attempting to burn down a home in the 200 block of Mount Joy Street to get back at Mexican immigrants that Anderson said left empty bottles in front of his residence. Lancaster County Judge Howard Knisely ordered sentence. Police responded to a complaint regarding weapons not in progress on February 26 around 10:17 a.m. Officers found two glass bottles with fabric coming out of the top, both of which appeared to have been ignited on fire. Officers also detected an alcohol-based accelerant emitting from the bottles. Police obtained video surveillance from neighbors and were able to verify Anderson as the individual carrying and igniting the bottles. Background noise in the video captured the sound of glass breaking after the ignition and showed Anderson fleeing. Anderson admitted to throwing two Molotov cocktails toward the residence in an interview with police because he was retaliating against the Mexican immigrants.