HARRISBURG – Schools in PA would have additional opportunities to find qualified substitute teachers under a bill approved by the state Senate. Lawmakers created a program in 2016 that allowed individuals training to be teachers to serve as a substitute, provided the person has valid clearances and at least 60 credit hours. The program is set to expire on June 30, 2021. Senate Bill 381 would make the temporary program permanent so schools, intermediate units, and career and technical schools can ensure qualified substitutes are available to meet student needs. Bill sponsor, Lancaster County Sen. Scott Martin, who also chairs the Senate Education Committee, said without the program, schools are likely to struggle in meeting the needs of students in the years ahead. The bill’s co-sponsor, Lancaster County Sen. Ryan Aument said extending this successful program will give schools one more tool to ensure that they can continue providing PA students an education without disruptions. The bill now moves to the PA House.