HARRISBURG – PennDOT announced that over 20 driver licensing and motor vehicle forms are now available for online submission. The announcement comes after Gov. Shapiro signed an Executive Order establishing the Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience to improve online services provided by the state. Over 20 commonly-used driver licensing and motor vehicle forms that require a signature can now be completed, signed, and submitted online, including the self-certification form for commercial driving, the statement of non-operation of vehicles form, several medical forms, and more. Allowing customers to submit these forms electronically will allow PennDOT staff to start processing them more quickly, cutting down on customer wait times. Forms that are available for electronic submission will be listed on the Forms, Publication, and Maps website page with a “DS” suffix in their document number. When these forms are selected, instructions for secure submission will be provided. Printable/downloadable versions of these forms will continue to be available. PennDOT will continue to add more forms for electronic submission as they become available.