HARRISBURG – A bill has been introduced protecting nursing home residents and staff from sex offenders by establishing reporting requirements when a registered sex offender is admitted. House Bill 2341 would establish such protections. Currently, when a registered sexual offender is admitted to a PA nursing home, the home is not required to disclose this to other residents or staff or to develop any special plans to ensure their safety. Bill sponsor, Rep. Bob Matzie of Beaver & Allegheny Counties said the situation has resulted in attacks on residents and the threat will only grow as registered sex offenders continue aging and require medical care. His bill puts essential protections in place by requiring all PA nursing homes to check the sex offender registry before admitting a new resident, developing a care plan to protect residents and staff when a registered offender is admitted, and notify staff and other residents in close proximity about the plan. It also requires facilities to report the information to the state Health Department to create a centralized registry for nursing homes. Currently, there is no such list. At least 10 other states impose such requirements.