HARRISBURG – A resolution will soon be re-introduced urging Congress to adopt legislation ending our biannual clock changes by extending Daylight Saving Time throughout the year nationwide. Sen. Scott Martin of Lancaster & Berks Counties says on March 15, 2022, just days after clocks were adjusted to “spring forward,” the U.S. Senate approved the Sunshine Protection Act, which would make Daylight Saving Time the new, permanent standard time, effective November 5, 2023. The bill did not pass the U.S. House. Martin says studies show that the twice-a-year change leads to an increase of car accidents, work-related injuries, risk of stroke and heart attacks; and a loss of productivity costing the U.S. over $400 million a year. To date, at least 29 states have introduced legislation to end clock changes. Martin is circulating a co-sponsorship memo seeking bipartisan support for the proposal.