ANNAPOLIS, MD (AP) – Maryland vehicle registration fees rose today to help pay for transportation projects and education. Lawmakers approved the vehicle registration hikes to boost the state’s Transportation Trust Fund. Lawmakers also approved new weight classes that determine the fees. Motorists will pay the new rates the next time they register their vehicles. The increases run between 60% and 75%, depending on the vehicle’s weight. For passenger cars that weigh up to 3,500 pounds, it will cost $221 every two years, or $110.50 annually. That’s up from $137 every two years that owners pay for passenger cars that weigh up to 3,700 pounds. Passenger vehicles over 3,500 pounds, but less than 3,700 pounds, will cost $241 every two years or $120.50 each year in a newly created weight class. Passenger vehicles over 3,700 pounds will cost $323 for two years, or half that annually. Maryland also tacked on a new fee to ride-hailing services and also added a new annual surcharge for electric vehicles, set to $125 for zero-emission vehicles and $100 for plug-in electric vehicles. The surcharge is geared toward making up for gas taxes that owners of these vehicles don’t pay to support transportation projects.