HARRISBURG – Legislation that would focus on the parole process for violent offenders was vetoed by Gov. Tom Wolf. House Bill 146 or Markie’s Law was named after 8-year-old Markie Mason, who was stabbed to death by a man who was paroled at the end of his minimum sentence for homicide, even after being convicted of committing two separate assaults of other inmates while in prison. The bill would postpone consideration of a violent inmate’s parole an additional 24 months following the inmate’s minimum release date for each conviction of a violent offense while incarcerated. It would also suspend consideration of an inmate’s parole an additional 12 months if the inmate attempts to escape, smuggles contraband, or retaliates or intimidates witnesses while incarcerated. In his veto message, the governor called the legislation “misguided and does not promote public safety.” Bill sponsor, Beaver County Rep. Aaron Bernstine said, “Had this animal who murdered Markie Mason remained behind bars, he would still be alive today. How does this bill not promote public safety? The legislation is all about keeping criminals locked up so they can’t be harmful to society.”