WASHINGTON, DC – Harrisburg based Independence Law Center, First Liberty Institute, and several other legal groups filed their opening brief at the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of former Lancaster County mail carrier Gerald Groff. The brief asks the Justices to restore the important protections for religious employees to what Congress intended before the courts watered down Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Groff applied to work for the Postal Service in 2012. He thought working for them would allow him to be off on Sundays. But, in 2013, Amazon contracted the Postal Service to provide Sunday delivery. Initially, they accommodated Groff, but later required him to work Sundays or they would make an example out of him. Over the course of almost two years, USPS subjected Groff to eight pre-disciplinary interviews, a warning letter, and two suspensions while mocking his appearance, forcing him to carry more mail than other carriers, docking his pay without justification, and refusing his requests to take unpaid leave. As a result of the hostile working conditions, Groff suffered physical problems, anxiety, and more. He resigned in January 2019 knowing his termination was imminent and initiated litigation. Arguments in the case are set for April 18, 2023.

Photo Credit: First Liberty Institute