HARRISBURG – The PA House State Government Committee will meet today to consider several bills to increase openness and transparency in the lobbying process, limit the influence of professional lobbyists, and hold lobbyists to a higher standard of ethical conduct. Some of the legislation being considered will be House Bill 1009 which would implement targeted prohibitions on the acceptance of certain gifts, transportation, lodging, and hospitality by public officials and public employees. House Bill 1599 would require lobbyists to disclose and register any lobbying client conflict with the Department of State. House Bill 1607 would prohibit any state entity from hiring an outside lobbyist or consultant to influence the Legislature, administration or judiciary. House Bill 1603 would prohibit campaign consultants from concurrently being registered lobbyists and engaging in lobbying elected officials. House Bill 1608 would prohibit new employees of the General Assembly who were previously a registered lobbyist from being lobbied for one year after their registered lobby status expired. House Bill 1609 would require all registered lobbyists to complete a mandatory ethics training on an annual basis.