LANCASTER – Saturday afternoon’s Spotlight continues our month-long pro life theme with another special program from Life Issues Institute called “Every Life Counts – The Truth About Down Syndrome.” Shauna Amick with Joni and Friends shared her initial fear and ultimate dependence on God after the birth of their daughter Sarah, who has Down Syndrome. Katie Shaw is a 34-year-old woman with Down Syndrome from Indiana. She lobbied for passage of state legislation that in part protects unborn babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome or other disabilities. She shares what she would say to a mother who finds out her unborn child has Down Syndrome. Hear more on “Every Life Counts – The Truth About Down Syndrome” on Saturday afternoon’s Spotlight at 12:30 on WDAC and 2:30 on WBYN 107.5. You can listen to the program online right now at under “podcasts.”