HARRISBURG – A four bill proposal would bring greater openness, accountability, and support for residents and staff at PA nursing homes. Gaps in current state regulations mean that nursing home residents and their loved ones lack access to information about providers, while incomplete reporting requirements mean that the legislature lacks the ability to fully address providers’ funding needs. The first bill requires consolidated financial reports for licensed operators and their related business entities to be submitted annually to providers’ licensing departments. The second will require a minimum of 75% of all state funding for skilled nursing facilities go to direct bedside care. The third will require complete ownership information for each individual or entity that owns more than the minimum reporting threshold of the operating, parent, or related businesses of the skilled nursing facility. The fourth will prohibit the licensure of facilities which have a majority or controlling interest in related businesses or parent companies that have a history of closing skilled nursing facilities in PA or across the country – unless granted special relief from these requirements.