BUCKS COUNTYSeveral PA House Republicans joined local law enforcement officials to unveil legislation that addresses rising and evolving crime in PA, specifically around Philadelphia. The first of a six bill package would impose mandatory jail time for illegal possession of a firearm. A second would crack down on porch pirating and implement specific penalties for theft of mail, which includes a package, bag or letter. A third bill would boost penalties for gun store robberies. It would heighten the penalty to burglaries where the intent of the actor is to commit a theft of a firearm and additional penalties if any of the stolen firearms are used for additional crime. A fourth bill would increase the fine for street racing from $250 up to $2,000 per violation, with the driver’s vehicle being seized after a second violation. The fifth bill is intended to reduce the theft of catalytic converters. A person who possesses a detached catalytic converter not affiliated with a commercial account without proper justification commits a third-degree misdemeanor. The last bill addresses rioting. Rioters assaulting or throwing projectiles at police, law enforcement and first responders would face felony charges.