HARRISBURG – Lehigh County Rep. Ryan Mackenzie is co-sponsoring legislation with Philadelphia County Rep. Danilo Burgos to create a select committee in the state House to review PA’s competitive status with the Chinese Communist Party or CCP. Specifically, the committee would investigate, review, and make findings and recommendations concerning the status of the CCP’s economic, technological, and security progress in its competition with PA and the United States. Mackenzie said there are many issues at the state level regarding our competition with China that need to be examined. Several examples include banning TikTok on all PA government-owned devices; divesting the Commonwealth from Chinese assets tied to the CCP; and prohibiting the sale of PA agricultural land and land near military bases by Chinese investors with ties to the CCP. It also seeks oversight or banning of Chinese investment or donations tied to the CCP that may be made to PA colleges and universities. The lawmakers are circulating a co-sponsorship memo seeking support for the legislation, which will be introduced in the coming weeks.