HARRISBURG – Legislation is being proposed by some Chester County lawmakers to require approval from the Department of Health before a hospital or hospital system can be purchased in PA. A press conference was held at the former Brandywine Hospital in Coatesville which was one of two Chester County hospitals closed by Tower Health after a proposed sale was called off. The proposal would require the Department of Health to review applications, hold public hearings, and prepare impact statements on the effect of the buying and selling of health care services that the hospital or hospital system is providing. It would also require price transparency so that patients have full access to the costs of items and services provided. The Brandywine and Jennersville Hospitals had provided quality community-based health care, emergency services, and behavioral health care along with good paying jobs. The two Chester County hospitals saw over 34,000 patients in their emergency rooms in 2020. The closures have also increased ambulance dispatch times, further lengthening 911 response times across the region. The legislation was introduced as House Bill 2704 in the PA House with a Senate version being drafted.