HARRISBURG – State senators in Harrisburg approved two bills to allow PA public schools to display the preamble of both the state and federal Constitutions. Senate Bill 353 allows for the state Constitution preamble and Senate Bill 456 allows the federal Constitution preamble. More specifically, both contain language which would enable each preamble to take the form of mounted plaques or artwork from a student contest that can be prominently and proudly displayed at every educational facility that accepts state tax dollars. Bill sponsor, Sen. Cris Dush said enactment would fully restore the right of PA school districts to display both preambles in every taxpayer-funded school building if and when they choose to do so. He added that it’s his prayer that these preamble displays will serve as a daily reminder to students preparing to take their place in our constitutional republic about the enduring knowledge, power and responsibility they stand to inherit. Both bills now advance to the PA House.