HARRISBURG – The PA Freedom Caucus is taking legal action against Gov. Josh Shapiro’s implementation of automatic voter registration. Every resident who updates, renews or applies for a driver’s license of photo ID with PennDOT will automatically be led through the voter registration process. The Shapiro Administration says no legislation is needed to implement the change. PA Freedom Caucus Chair, York County Rep. Dawn Keefer says not only does the new policy usurp legislative powers, but it presents a host of unanswered questions. She added that Pennsylvanians need to know what guardrails are in place to ensure ineligible voters such as convicted felons and non-citizens will be prohibited from inclusion in the process. Of the 23 states that have adopted automatic voter registration, 20 did so through legislation or voter approval. Caucus Member, Rep. Joe Hamm of Lycoming & Sullivan Counties says our Constitution is clear that the General Assembly is responsible for election and registration laws and we are prepared to take whatever action is needed to hold out-of- control executives accountable.