HARRISBURG (AP) – A liberal activist wants a PA court to bar area Congressman Scott Perry from the state’s primary ballot, arguing that Perry engaged in insurrectionist activity and cannot appear on the state’s ballot under the Constitution’s insurrection clause. The seven-page lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Commonwealth Court. The lawsuit by Gene Stilp, in part, cites Perry’s role in trying to use the Department of Justice to help President Donald Trump stall the certification of the election. Perry is the only sitting member of Congress whose cellphone was seized by the FBI in its 2020 election investigation. Perry’s lawyer, John Rowley said, “This lawsuit was filed by a partisan activist who clearly has no regard or understanding of how our Democratic Republic works. It is but the latest effort by an extremist to disqualify a duly elected official with whom he disagrees. We are confident the Supreme Court will put an end to this lunacy.” Perry has not been charged with a crime and has fought efforts by federal investigators to review texts and emails from his cell phone. The lawsuit also includes PA Secretary of State, Al Schmidt. Schmidt’s office has declined comment.