HARRISBURG – As the 2023-24 Legislative Session opens in Harrisburg, Blair County Rep. Jim Gregory is seeking support for creating a two-year window of time in which survivors of childhood sexual abuse could sue their attacker, even if the statute of limitations has already expired for their lawsuits. For years, Gregory, joined by Berks County Rep. Mark Rozzi, has worked on victims’ rights legislation since a 2018 grand jury report revealed widespread abuse by Catholic priests living and working in the state. In 2021, the two-year window was headed to ballots for voters to consider as a constitutional amendment. However, failures by the Department of State left it off ballots, giving the task of starting their process again. Gregory intends to soon reintroduce a joint resolution that could create a two-year window if OK’d by voters. He has circulated a co-sponsorship memo to obtain bipartisan support of this measure.He hopes to have the question placed on the May 16 primary ballot to end the many years that victims have already waited.