HARRISBURG – Some state lawmakers have reacted to Gov. Shapiro’s decision to appeal the Commonwealth Court ruling on the carbon tax. Sen. Scott Martin of Lancaster & Berks Counties said it is frustrating and disappointing that the governor is continuing to push forward with this tax increase that will hike consumers’ energy bills, close power plants, and chase away jobs to other states. The carbon tax scheme is wrong for PA, and doubling down on this deeply flawed policy will do severe harm to our economy, grid reliability, and our Commonwealth as a whole. York County Rep. Seth Grove responded that this tax scheme will result in job losses in PA while at the same time raising the price of energy. He added that Shapiro must be doing this to appease his radical leftist base or attempt to score political points nationally – because it does not benefit Pennsylvanians. PA Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward said Gov. Shapiro would rather unnecessarily tax Pennsylvanians and make them feel virtuous about raising their electricity rates and eliminate good paying jobs than face the traditional factions in his own Democratic Party. The Commonwealth Court has already ruled this tax unconstitutional. More importantly, an electricity tax has no place in a commonsense energy policy for our state.