HARRISBURG – Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York) outlined her plans to reform the state’s outdated rules pertaining to lobbyists by requiring a longer “cooling off” period for former state legislators, officials and employees who become lobbyists, as well as banning any lobbyist from holding an appointed position in state government. Under Phillips-Hill’s forthcoming proposal, any state employee, legislator or official would have to wait at least two years before he or she could lobby the body where they were formerly employed. For example, a former state representative would be prohibited from lobbying the House of Representatives for two years. The practice, also known as the revolving door, allows former legislators to come back within a year of leaving the chamber where they served to assist clients on state-related matters. The senator is also seeking to prohibit registered lobbyists from being appointed to various state agency boards, commissions, councils and/or committees. Phillips-Hill argues that some appointments come with six-figure salaries, yet still allows those members to retain their lobbying practice as well.