LANCASTER – A man has died from his injuries received during a police-involved shooting in Lancaster. The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office says 40-year-old William O’Neill of Lancaster died Tuesday night from the shooting that occurred November 29, 2023 in the 100 block of Hershey Avenue. The charges against O”Neill have been withdrawn. The incident occurred after police were called to the Hershey Avenue residence for a request to remove a male who was causing a disturbance. During the call, O’Neill can be heard in the background stating that he was “going to war.” The caller reported O’Neill went outside the residence and was in possession of an AR-15 rifle. The caller told 911 that O’Neill shot the weapon outside, then while on the call reports hearing a second shot. After repeated calls to drop his weapon, officers shot O’Neill. District Attorney Heather Adams ruled that the responding officers were justified in using deadly force.