HARRISBURG – Along with Senator Scott Martin, The Lancaster GOP House Delegation, including House Speaker Bryan Cutler, are calling on the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) to cease sending letters to school children stating that they have determined the child has had a “close contact” with a person that has COVID-19 and if they do not do as the letter instructs then legal action will be taken against them. The letters, which came in an envelope hand-addressed to the school children, addresses the children by their first name and directs them to quarantine for 14 days and not leave the quarantine area for any reason except medical care among other things. The letter backs up DOH directives by stating: “If you do not adhere to this directive, the (acting) Secretary of Health may petition a court to have you confined to an appropriate place chosen by the Department…” One lawmaker said, “Addressing an envelope by hand in such a way as to encourage a child to open it, particularly a letter that includes the possibility that a child could be removed from their parent’s home is just appalling. I think an apology to parents and students would be appropriate in this circumstance and these letters should stop right now.” Another shared, “News reports have DOH saying these letters were sent out in very limited numbers. The Department needs to come forward immediately and tell us how many of these letters have been sent out to kids.” You can read a copy of the DOH letter by going to pahousegop.com and scroll down to “Latest News”.