LANCASTER – Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams says a police officer who fired at a man during a December 8, 2020 standoff in Manheim Township was justified in using force. The non-fatal shot fired by the officer resulted in a superficial wound to the suspect, who then shot and killed himself after an hours-long police standoff. A review of the evidence indicated that Craig Kevin Bush discharged a firearm from inside a home as police tried to make contact with the occupants after being dispatched for a domestic incident. When police entered to arrest him, Bush posed a threat to the officers and the female victim by raising a firearm. In response, the officer shot at Bush to neutralize the threat. The shot from the officer grazed Bush’s right side and was a non-fatal wound. Bush then turned his firearm on himself and died from the self-inflicted gunshot wound. The District Attorney’s Office will not name the officer as he is not being charged with any crime.