WILLOW STREET – A Lancaster County man set himself on fire at a district justice’s office. On Tuesday, March 21, 38-year-old Stanley Walden of Willow Street was at Judge William Benner’s office to be arraigned on a charge of terroristic threats. During the proceedings, Walden learned his probation officer issued a detainer and would be committed to Lancaster County Prison. Before officers could take Walden into custody, he dumped the contents of a water bottle he had been holding on to himself, took a disposable lighter, and ignited the liquid and himself. While on fire, he ran towards the judge and other officers in the courtroom. Walden’s sweatshirt was ablaze and he removed it while it was burning. A rear exit door in the courtroom was opened and Walden ran outside into the parking lot while waiving the burning sweatshirt. Once outside, most of the fire had gone out. Walden was taken in to custody, transported to Lancaster General and later transferred to Lehigh Valley Medical Center burn unit. The clear liquid in the water bottle was believed to be rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. There was no damage to the property and no one in the courtroom were injured other than Walden. One count of arson and eight counts of recklessly endangering another person were filed against Walden.