LANCASTER – The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office is assuring community members, leaders, and business owners that the criminal acts that followed a police-involved shooting Sunday afternoon in Lancaster city are being investigated and that those who perpetrated acts of violence and destruction will be charged and prosecuted. They say the acts committed were not peaceful acts of protest; the behavior was violent and riotous. Numerous buildings and vehicles were damaged, fires were set – all without regard for the owners and individuals who could have been physically harmed by the riotous actions. Police arrested and charged several individuals. The protesting came after 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz ran at a police officer with a knife and was killed. The officer’s body cam video of the incident was released on social media. Munoz’s sister says he was mentally ill. He was also facing charges in a stabbing case from last year. Police used tear gas early Monday on protesters, saying they threw things at officers and damaged government buildings and property. Meanwhile, effective immediately and until further notice, the Lancaster Police station will be closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. No one other than police personnel will have access to the building through the lobby or rear parking deck and ramp. Anyone that needs to speak with an officer to file a report is asked to call 717-664-1180 and use 911 if calling for emergencies.