LANCASTER COUNTY – A tractor trailer got stuck in Bitzer’s Mill Covered Bridge in Lancaster County. At 9 a.m. yesterday, police say the truck driver, 50-year-old Stacy Pater of Albany, Georgia, an operator for Woodgrain Transportation of Fruitland, Idaho, had attempted to cross the covered bridge with a height restriction of 10’6”. However, the tractor trailer stood at an elevated height of 13’4”, leading to significant damage to the bridge during the attempted crossing. The driver caused further harm to the bridge during attempted maneuvers to reverse off the structure. With the cooperation of the Farmersville Fire Department, the truck was successfully extricated from the bridge. PennDOT officials arrived at the scene to assess the extent of the damage. A decision was made to temporarily close the bridge to traffic pending a comprehensive inspection and necessary repairs. West Earl Township Police say charges against the driver are currently pending as the investigation continues.