LANCASTER (LNP) – The Lancaster city man charged with stabbing his sister and niece to death and injuring his nephew in July 2019 wants to dismiss his attorneys and represent himself — a request that is unlikely to be approved, at least any time soon. In a hand-written and largely incoherent petition filed in Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas on Dec. 23, James Sterbinsky said he can prove his nephew wasn’t stabbed and seemingly refers to the illuminati — which some people believe is a secret society that controls world events. In September 2019, prosecutors filed notice that they were seeking the death penalty against the 57-year-old. Earlier this month, Judge Donald Totaro found Sterbinsky was incompetent to stand trial. Because of that, “anything he files at this point cannot be acted on,” one of his attorneys, Patricia K. Spotts, said Tuesday. According to court filings, a psychiatrist diagnosed Sterbinsky with an unspecified psychotic disorder and noted his condition could improve with medication. Totaro ordered Sterbinsky to be moved from Lancaster County Prison to Torrance State Hospital in western Pennsylvania for treatment. However, Spotts said, she was notified Tuesday that Torrance is struggling with COVID-19 outbreaks and is not admitting new patients. As a result, she said Sterbinsky is on a waiting list and will remain at the county prison for now. Sterbinsky’s condition must improve in order for him to participate in his defense. Prosecutors say Sterbinsky fatally stabbed his sister Christine Ross, 53, and niece Autumn Ross, 20, on July 18, 2019, at his High Street home. He is also charged with attempted homicide for the stabbing of his nephew, who was 33 years old at the time.