STEVENS – The annual snow goose migration is expected to peak in the next few weeks at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, offering wildlife enthusiasts a unique viewing experience. Lauren Ferreri, Game Commission Biological & Visitor Manager at Middle Creek, says they should be at 50,000 soon and experience peak numbers toward the end of February. Snow geese and tundra swans begin their migration when the first new plant shoots emerge in the spring. The goal this year is to provide visitors during the Middle Creek migration with a positive wildlife viewing experience and opportunities to enhance their understanding of wildlife conservation. The Visitors Center at 100 Museum Road in Stevens is open to the public and will remain open for the duration of the spring waterfowl migration. If you can’t make the trip to Middle Creek, you can check out the snow geese migration virtually with a live stream from the snow goose webcam. You can connect to the live webcam by clicking on the photo below.