LANDISVILLE – Lancaster County’s Hempfield School District has completed its fact-finding portion of an investigation into a drag show event held at the high school on April 25th. It found building administrators were aware of the event and the school’s Gay Sexuality Alliance Club advisors received approval to hold the event. The event was publicized at the high school via Schoology posts to club members and school-wide announcements. There were principals in the building when guests arrived. There was a lack of professional judgment in allowing the guests to continue to the event, as they were dressed inappropriately for a school setting. Some corrective actions include review and enforce adherence to current policies and procedures with tightened internal controls and accountability. Also ensure proper administrator supervision in the building when student extracurricular events and activities are occurring. The district is limited in what it can share publicly about investigations involving students and staff, and cannot share the details of any disciplinary action due to an employee’s right to privacy. You can read the district’s complete statement by clicking on the picture below.