HARRISBURG – Sen. Tracy Pennycuick of Berks & Montgomery Counties has introduced legislation providing an incentive for employers to hire PA National Guard members and strengthening Guard recruitment and retention efforts. Senate Bill 985 would establish the PA National Guard Employer Tax Credit Program. Under the legislation, a $1,000 tax credit would be available if a business hires an active member of the PA Guard or if a current employee enlists or re-enlists in the Guard. The tax credit can be used to offset income tax or corporate net income tax liabilities. Credits that cannot be used in their entirety for the current tax year may be carried forward for up to three taxable years. Recruitment and retention numbers for the Guard has dipped in previous years. Since most guardsmen serve “part time,” a key consideration for these dedicated and skilled individuals is obtaining full-time employment while they serve. The lawmaker said by incentivizing the hiring and retention of Guard members, we can help maintain recruitment and ensure the Guard has the manpower needed to meet future challenges. The bill has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee.