HARRISBURG (AP) – Democrat Josh Shapiro will become PA’s 48th governor at an inaugural ceremony at the state Capitol. The 49-year-old Shapiro comes into office today with six years as the state’s elected attorney general. Shapiro won’t spell out specific policy aims, aides say, but he’ll emphasize themes he has developed previously, including that voters want progress on important quality-of-life issues. Shapiro is succeeding outgoing Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf, who was term-limited. Shapiro has preached bipartisanship, emphasizing his support from independents and Republicans in the election. When Shapiro becomes governor, every new law must have a GOP stamp of approval, considering the Republican majority in the state Senate. To that end, Shapiro has tried to avoid radioactive political issues, staked out the middle on various issues, and hired several Republicans for his Cabinet. Aides say Shapiro will sign ethics orders for his administration later this week and deliver his first speech to a joint session of the Legislature when he presents his first budget plan on March 7.