HARRISBURG – Claiming a 101-99 Republican majority in the PA House, House Republican Leader, Rep. Bryan Cutler of Lancaster County was sworn into office. Cutler said House Democrats conducted an unprecedented, illegitimate, and illegal power grab by claiming they have a majority in the PA House after one of their members passed away and two more of their members resigned, dropping their total of members eligible to take office down to 99. With the Republican Caucus having a majority of members who are eligible to take office on Jan. 3, 2023, Cutler becomes the House Majority Leader and has the legal authority to exercise the ministerial role of presiding officer as outlined in PA statute and affirmed by the PA Supreme Court in Perzel v. Cortes. Cutler added it’s our goal to have a productive session and, while we believe that is still possible, it will require all of us understanding simple math and following the law. If Democrats were more focused on that, we could have avoided litigation and concentrated our efforts on finding a path forward for the next two years.