HARRISBURG – For the first time in the history of the Commonwealth, the House advanced a congressional district map created by a citizen of Pennsylvania, Rep. Seth Grove (R-York) announced.  “Today, in a historic vote, a true citizen’s map was approved by the House of Representatives,” Grove said. “Now, we are one step closer to having congressional districts drawn by the people, not by politicians.” The map approved in House Bill 2146 remains largely identical to the plan submitted by citizen and Lehigh Valley resident Amanda Holt. It includes very minor adjustments recommended by citizens across the Commonwealth to improve the compactness of districts, respond to citizen concerns regarding communities of interest and increase minority representation in Philadelphia. Grove introduced Holt’s map because it was created without political influence and complies with constitutionally mandated criteria. Holt submitted the proposed map through PAredistricting.com, a public website that gave citizens the opportunity to make their voices heard through the congressional redistricting process. House Bill 2146 now goes to the Senate for consideration.