LANCASTER – The City of Lancaster will be holding five meetings to discuss home rule. Lancaster is considering a new path forward to strengthen the city’s financial future by exploring a home rule charter. At the meetings, attendees will learn more about what home rule is, what the process is, and why the city is exploring it. Persons can also meet potential Home Rule Study Commission members and sign their petitions. All the meetings begin at 6 p.m. The first is this evening at Ebenezer Baptist Church at 701 N. Lime Street. The second is Feb. 23 at Bethel AME Church at 512 E. Strawberry Street. The third is Feb. 27 at Lancaster Theological Seminary Library at 555 W. James Street. The fourth is March 1 at Lafayette Elementary School at 1000 Fremont Street and the fifth will be March 2 at Calvary Baptist Church at 530 Milton Road. There will be a question and answer time at each meeting. You can learn more by clicking on the City of Lancaster banner below.