HARRISBURG –The PA State System of Higher Education updated lawmakers on their progress toward redesigning the system to grow enrollment and better meet student needs. The PA Senate Education and Appropriations Committees held a public hearing with PASSHE Chancellor Dan Greenstein to discuss changes to the system, including integrating several universities and leveraging their collective strengths to boost career readiness for graduates. The goal is to provide a high-quality education to students at an affordable price and reduce the cost to get a degree by up to 25% by 2026. The changes were authorized by Act 50 of 2020. Some of the key points include: Uniting several universities within geographic regions to create single, stronger institutions; keeping all campuses open and retaining accreditation for current students; and ensuring current students can complete their programs at the campus of their choosing. They also want to expand capability in online learning and maintain athletic teams while expanding opportunities for student-athletes.