HARRISBURG – Seeking answers to Gov. Wolf’s policy of allowing patients who tested positive with COVID-19 to be allowed to return to long-term care facilities, many of which were hot beds of the virus, York County Rep. Seth Grove filed a Right-to-Know request with the PA Department of Health. Grove said about the same time the Wolf Administration ordered nursing homes to admit COVID-19-positive patients, he was also letting criminals out of prisons to, as he claimed, stave off outbreaks. Grove said, “How could the governor in one breath say prisoners aren’t safe from COVID-19, but the elderly, who are known to be more susceptible to the virus, are able to live in close quarters to someone who is known to have it?” At the time of Grove’s filing, nearly 5,500 elderly Pennsylvanians, including 87 York Countians, who reside in long-term care facilities have died of the virus. Specifically, Grove’s request seeks the public health data and models to support the order requiring long-term care facilities to accept COVID-19-positive patients into the facilities. Grove filed request after not receiving full, or at times any, answers to his questions.