HARRISBURG – Seeking to provide further protections for victims of domestic violence and child abuse in PA, Luzerne County Rep. Tarah Toohil has introduced two proposals in the state House. House Bill 254 makes it easier for domestic violence victims to obtain police reports concerning their own abuse. It will require law enforcement agencies to make such reports available to domestic violence victims, as well as officials from other government agencies working to protect a victim. House Bill 294 allows courts to order greater protections for abused children. Under current law, a court may temporarily modify a custody order to halt the abuse of minor children. However, some courts have been reluctant to modify an existing custody order through a protection from abuse (PFA) proceeding, believing they need to engage in a full-blown custody hearing. The bill will result in expedited and necessary provisions to be included in a PFA order when a child has been abused by a defendant or is at risk of such harm. Both bills are before the PA House Judiciary Committee for consideration.