HARRISBURG – Gov. Tom Wolf is again calling for a boost in PA’s minimum wage. Workers in 25 states will see minimum wage increases go into effect in 2022, but PA is not one of them because lawmakers refused for over a decade to raise the Commonwealth’s $7.25-per-hour minimum wage. There are two bills waiting in both the PA House and the Senate for action. Senate Bill 12 and House Bill 345 would both increase PA’s minimum wage to $12 with a pathway to $15, then implement annual increases tied to the consumer price index. The bills also eliminate the tipped wage by installing one fair wage for all workers and would create the opportunity for local municipalities to implement their own minimum wages higher than the statewide rate. On Jan. 1, 2022, PA will be surrounded by states with higher minimum wages: Delaware at $10.50; Maryland at $12.20; New Jersey at $13; New York at $13.20; Ohio at $8.80; and West Virginia at $8.75.