Yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf signed into law five bills, including legislation that would provide flexibility for individuals seeking their barber or cosmetology license and legislation that would give physician assistants a greater role in patient care. 

House Bills 1182 and 1183 pertain to barber schools and cosmetology schools making 50% of their curriculum available to distant learning.

Senate Bills 397 and 398 update physician assistant practices under the Osteopathic Medical Practice Act and the Medical Practice Act. Specifically, the bills revise the requirement that a physician assistant render medical care and services “under the supervision and direction” of the supervising physician, by requiring the physician assistant only be under the “supervision” of the supervising physician. The bill also increases the composition of the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine and State Board of Medicine both by two members, a physician assistant and a physician, who will be appointed by the governor. 

House Bill 523 requires that property owners who access their property through a private road maintain and repair the road at the expense of the property owner.