HARRISBURG – Legislation to stop the sale of puppy mill dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores in PA has been introduced by York County Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill. Known as Victoria’s Law, Senate Bill 234 would move the pet market towards humane sources like shelters, rescues, and responsible breeders. Consumers would be protected from being duped into supporting puppy mills that treat animals like breeding machines and puppies like commercial commodities. Instead, stores could choose to offer homeless animals from shelters and rescues to help with pet overpopulation. The bill also requires those advertising dogs for sale in the Commonwealth to provide their license number, name, and address to increase transparency for consumers. Victoria’s Law is named for a German Shepherd who was mercilessly overbred for ten years at a puppy mill and passed along an incurable, genetic disease to an estimated 150+ puppies. Terminally ill and unable to walk soon after her voluntary surrender from the puppy mill, Victoria was rescued when the puppy mill had no further use for her.