HARRISBURG – The PA Department of Education announced that over $13.5 million in federal grant funding has been awarded to 26 school entities statewide to provide educational assistance to expectant and parenting youth. PA’s Education Leading to Employment and Career Training Program or ELECT is a federally funded program that works with intermediate units, school districts, and charter schools to coordinate the continuity of educational services for those under age 22 expecting or parenting a child, and providing resources that will allow them to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent. It enables school entities to help eligible expectant and parenting youth by encouraging them to remain in school; obtain a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate; secure post-graduation employment, education, or training; and become successful parents and self-sufficient adults. Local recipients include over $352,000 for Chester County IU; Over $282,000 for Lancaster School District; and over $300,000 for Lancaster Lebanon IU 13. Other local recipients include over $585,000 for Berks County IU; over $550,000 for Capital Area IU; and more than $460,000 for Lincoln IU.